The Huntington Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, coaches, school administrators, community members and alumni. It has been established to promote, encourage and support athletic participation and excellence for the

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September 1, 2020

Dear Parents,

Over the last 13 years many committed volunteers have worked to establish and run the Huntington Booster Club. The primary purpose of the Booster Club is to support the student athletes of Huntington High School and Finley Middle School. Towards this end, the Booster Club has strived to assist all of our school district's sports teams and groups, coaches and players as well as all student athletes. The Booster Club has successfully raised over $500,000 which has been used for many purposes from funding grants requested by individual coaches to building new weight rooms at Huntington High School and Finley Middle School to helping to underwrite the new physical education curriculum at the high school. A list of grants that have been made over the past eleven years is available online.

In order to maintain and strengthen the Booster Club, we are asking you to team up with us to help grow our membership. Your help is crucial to the continuation and growth of the Huntington Booster Club. We have found that many of the parents of our athletes are not aware of what the Booster Club does and how they can help. In fact, many of the parents of our student athletes are not members of the Booster Club. Accordingly, we are requesting that each of you join the Booster Club or purchase a field banner by completing the applications also available online.

Additionally, the Booster Club can work with your team, your team captain or your parent representative to fulfill your own team’s specific spirit wear needs. The Booster Club will assist your team to find and order any items to meet your team’s requirements. Indeed, the Booster Club is the only vendor that can be used by the coaches and teams of the High School and Finley Middle School to supply and sell spirit wear. All profits from such sales are used entirely to support our sports programs. 

The Booster Club exists solely to support the student athletes of the Huntington School District. Further our merchandise is available for purchase at all major sporting events, town parades and at Huntington High School. Please join and attend our events. Feel free to contact me directly with your ideas. Learn more about the Booster Club by visiting our website at 


Joe Mattio
The Huntington Booster Club
(631) 418-4600



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