The Huntington Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, coaches, school administrators, community members and alumni. It has been established to promote, encourage and support athletic participation and excellence for the

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The Huntington Booster Club is teaming up with the
Long Island Rowing Club to bring the sport of crew to Huntington Youth!


  • Long Island Rowing offers training and competitive rowing to Middle School and High School students. Male and female students from the ages of 10 and up are invited to join. Members train at Scudder Beach in Northport. No experience is required.
  • Rowing is a non-contact sport that offers a complete cardiovascular workout without impact and also builds environmental consciousness. The discipline taught to be a part of a rowing crew develops character and fosters team-building techniques critical to so many aspects of life.
  • The training will be run by Anika Selle-Giehl, head coach of Long Island Rowing.  Anika is one of the most experienced and accomplished coaches/trainers currently working with pre-college youth. She had extensive experience rowing for the German National Team, winning a World Championship in 1995.
  • Weekly sessions are available throughout the summer running at a heavily discounted rate through the Huntington Booster Club of $200 per week. Sessions run for two hours and are available in the mornings and in the late morning/early afternoon.

Click on this link,, for more information about rowing, BUT for the Huntington Booster Club discount, email Anika directly at   for registration.